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Yesterday launched another school year.

Pause for Miss School Year 2010-2011 to make her way down the runway, folks.  Isn’t she lovely in her crown and sash!  Look at those tears of joy.

Tears are plenty too.  It’s back to school time all over the land.  In some houses, teachers weep to have to return to lunch duty.  Who could blame them really?  In others, children sob because they don’t want to leave home or get up early.  And, I am certain there are homes in which mothers cry out with joy to have their kids return to school, because they love them, dammit, but can they just breathe for a minute or get a pedicure for glory’s sake?

My four headed out to storm academic halls with new kicks, shiny backpacks, unbattered Sigg bottles, and mixed emotional features.

The Baby was thrilled to start kindergarten, but not certain that she wanted to stay the whole day.  Her attitude was as eager as the pleats of her skirt were pressed.

The Boy begrudged every aspect expect lunch.  Even his friends weren’t much of a draw this year.  He saw his friends plenty over the summer actually,  and you don’t have to take a Geometry quiz at a sleep over.

The Oldest Girl felt socially networked and gorgeous in her sassy, pirate shorts.  She’s being groomed for a leadership role in her classroom, and was happy to have us get out of her way so that she could get to her ambassadorial role, thank-you very much.

The Middle Girl was excited about getting her own desk this year.  Previously, she’s worked at team tables.  She’s been all about the desk quest since she visited her Mamma Grandma this summer.  She has aspirations to be a journalist or book writer and illustrates grand, epic tales.

As for me, I’m a cross between an anxious dash and a calendar page.  I think I was the bed-headed grump this morning who grouched, “I will not be your clock the entire year!  I am not Big Ben!  7:30 means 7:30!”  (Yes, yes, very Pinochio, I know. I want to be a mamma, a real, live mamma!) I always forget how much chase, chase, chase comes with the school pace, soccer teams, music lessons and tournaments.  I’m sure I’ll find my voice about it later, but right now, my phone is beeping to remind me of another family calendar event.  Again!

Until then, in their own words, original snippets from our kids’ first back-to-school assignments:

The Boy, 12, who was not only assigned reading, but also a Herculean, summer project:

“Would I Recommend This Book to Others?” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Absolutely. This book is a canon classic, and is on many schools’ reading lists. However, I always recommend reading a book before it’s required by a teacher as it is always more fun to choose your own book.  We all know students hate being assigned to read over the summer.  The only thing worse than that is to have a summer project on an assigned book.”

The Oldest Girl, 10:

“My hobby is writing songs, I really like to see what the combination of melodies and syllables can make. Also, whether I am singing high or low, l feel at peace when I am singing.”

The Middle Girl, 8:

“This season in my life is ornge enthuseasan and warmth and energe.”

The Baby, 5, assigned a gingerbread man to decorate.  She made him into a piñata and dictated this verse:

Gingerbread Piñata

Friends, teachers,
Lend me your ears!
A gingerbread
piñata is here

Run, run,
to the big room!
if you do,
you’ll get a lollipop soon

Mrs. [Teacher],
you’re a dear!
We’ll lift our hands,
and give you a cheer!

Jesus, Jesus,
We love you!
You do things
no one else can do

K, kids,
Of the [Name of my] School!
As a matter of fact,
I know you rule!

Now’s the time,
I have to flee!
You can’t catch me,
I’m the gingerbread man!

I’ll stand before the Lord of Song, with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!


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