Naked & Anonymous

Posted by jael on Aug 14, 2010 in Spiritual Journey, Technology |

As a virgin blogger, I know I don’t understand many blogging conventions.

As such, I expect to make many mistakes- in addition to those I have already made.

That said, I am confused about the idea of anonymity.

Take my “The Meanest Hog,” post, for example. The husband says that it is a worthy topic to blog about, but no one cares about the names of our kids.

(I’d tell you his name, but I can”t I imagine you’d find that anymore relevant.)

He says it’s about the characters. And the story,

He tells me that blog convention refers to the kids as The Boy or The Girl or The Baby. The husband is The Husband, and I expect the wife is The Wife.

I admit this seems like a black hole of a contradiction to me as I have already confessed to you that my Hallelujah is broke and I am a recovering anger junkie and pack rat. I post naked process, but shouldn’t I tell you the name of our cat is Toad? It seems rather like using a diaphragm after a positive pregnancy test to me.

I think my blog might need a TMI alert if I ever get any dear readers or comments.

Another irony is That The Husband and I have four kids. It’s more cumbersome to refer to them obliquely. However, as I can’t promise to put any more clothes on my prose, I will in the future refer to the four kids as follows:

The Boy
The Oldest Girl
The Middle Girl
The Baby

I’ll stand naked before the Lord of song with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah, anonymously.


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