Stay Awake!

Posted by jael on Aug 11, 2011 in Religion, Spiritual Journey

Like a jewel in a box, I discovered this YouTube clip in my inbox today:

Figuring Life Out- One Thousands Gifts by Ann M Voskamp.

As I referred to this very title earlier this week, I feel certain it appropriate to play this precious pearl forward and trust you too will recieve it as a gift.

Since I first viewed it, it invited a dance of poetry upon my heart. Her words tango in italics and mine simply follow her dazzling lead:

Stay Awake!

We are born
with heaven’s scent
upon naked skin
to capture
fleeting moments

with butterfly net
like children
come to Him.

Inoculate atrophy.
Stay fully wake!
Dilate the aperture
of your lens
to seek Up
and out
and within.

Life is NOT an emergency
and God is NOT a 911 dispatch operator.
Life may be cherished
only in the hands
of the unhurried

like a meal carried to a new mother
with freshly baked,
still warm,
chocolate, chocolate-chip
banana bread.
Life is the True dessert.

Stop gulping!
Savour the icecream cone,
pause between licks
as vanilla beans
paint your throat sweet.
True love smiles
from this green patch of life
All for YOU, beloved!!

Sing gratitude for the
seemingly small and insignificant
jewels of life like
a Swallow Tail butterfly
lights like a queen
on the open kiss of your palm!
Puffs from your own
breath polish
Hallelujah crowns.

Count the ways He loves!
NEVER stop!!!!!

You can slow.
You can wait.
You can Trust.
You can Love,
Amazing Grace

There’s a blaze of light in every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah


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