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We have company
coming Here

Can ya gimme an Hallelujah?!

Well Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
she tied you to her kitchen chair
And she broke your throne and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah


Dear God

Posted by jael on Oct 19, 2011 in Religion, Spiritual Journey

Dear God,

The Husband and I agreed tonight that You are one maestro for the details.

For over a half of a year you’ve had us swim in the promise of Jeremiah 29:11.

Once you finally dragged my reluctant carcass on the righteous side of obedience, not to mention marriage, and staked our claim Here for now, I have tried to put aside every complaint or question or doubt I could wrestle.

You are the One who gives and takes away.
You made my path clear enough.
We are Here and we are yours.

So, when my heart wants to stray, I remember that You have a plan to prosper and not to harm me.

And when I hold one of the babies in my arms as they sob their grief, I remember you have a plan.

When The Boy was certain that he wasn’t good enough for the soccer team Here, and not only makes the team, but plays the majority of every game, I recall Your plan to prosper us.

As The Baby sings her own songs to simulate the Chapel she so dearly misses because she wants to pray with her friends, I hold your promises.

If I get too deep or open on the phone with someone There, I hang up fast before my own tears flow, because I trust Your plan.

When The Husband wakes me with morning coffee to begin our day together, and he has already worked out and is eager to go to work, I sense the power of Your plan.

If The Oldest Girl believes she’s able to run for class VP, I imagine You might see her elected or teach us something along the campaign.

And that The Middle Girl, precious peace-pop-o-licious, and I were never more close makes me consider that You Hand-stitch hearts like Mammaw once did her quilts.

So I plod this path You’ve placed us on,
a good hike, if not an easy climb,
ironic as it is so mind-numbingly flat,
and by Grace almost every day
can muster a mustard seek of Faith.
I haven’t seen that mountain bunny-hop yet,
but do believe one gave me a wink.

The recent impact of relational stress,
financial challenge
mystery rash
and illnesses
have engraved another invitation
to accept or decline
Your gracious offer of a Plan.

Up until this afternoon, I heard Your call to stand firm in Psalm 21,

They are brought to their knees and fall,
but we rise up and stand firm.
LORD, give victory to the king!
Answer us when we call!

and accepted that if some days that’s all I had to bring, it was sufficient through Your Strength.

That is what makes today such pure honey,
rendering extremities amber
with extreme sweet

You had to give that deck one good,
forward-Seeing shuffle
to land me in a classroom as a guest-teacher today
like a hot table Blackjack in Vegas
lit up Holy.

It was not lost on me that you allowed me the opportunity to teach on a Wednesday Here as The Well meets There to drink Your Word.

Oh, Father!
How brilliant are those kids?!
Smart enough to build a machine of unity,
know what a broken build is
and have the vision
to repair it

I simply forgot the
of the highschool mind!

Invincible Seniors!
Sweet Father, their fire!
You make them so iridescent
like soap bubble
butterfly wings!

Thank you for such an unexpected treat today.

It took my breath
and reminded me how deeply
my lungs can draw

I will bank today.
I will record the Interest.
And I will hold it as my Treasure
another certain assurance
that You have a plan,
I can trust You,
and I don’t need to know
Your whats or whens.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts, (Isaiah 55:8-9).

You are The Father of Details,
The Ultimate Party Planner,
and The Giver of Gifts
and my sacred Portion Deliverer.

Father, thank you for today.

I love you.


And remember when I moved in you?
And the holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

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