Jammies Inside Out, Flush an Icecube, & Dance!

Posted by jael on Dec 15, 2010 in Parenting

The weather outside might get frightful.

As such, in hopeful anticipation of the first snow day of the year, my girls have pulled out all their lucky snow dance rituals.

They all have their jammies inside out.

They just reported to the powder room to simultaneously flush ice cubes.  As they plop them into the bowl, each enchants a snow day wish.


“Hot chocolate.”

“Movies and popcorn.”

“One, two, three, FLUSH!” they scream as they flush their emissaries of snow forward in hopes of a day off school.

The snow dances come next.  Each girl shimmies and shakes it to call the snow come.

The Boy, too old now for such foolery, is in his room saying nay and studying for a geometry quiz.

The weather report suggests there’s a chance…

I know what you’re wondering.

I absoultuely have my jammies on inside out, and am about to sign off to go flush an ice cube!

Do you have any idea how many gifts I can complete and wrap if there is no school tomorrow!

“Sleeping late.”

“Packing up the last box.”

“Staying home.”

Gotta go, I owe the potential snow a dance with The Mamma!

Come snow, come!

And even though
It all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah!

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