These Boots Were Made For Walking

Posted by jael on Sep 20, 2010 in Parenting, Spiritual Journey

I’d always wanted a pair of Frye boots.

I’ve been through a lot of beauty accident in my days.  I’ve donned pearls, an unfortunate tattoo, and Salvation Army fat pants.  My young married life included lots of gestation and lactation.  Not all of my choices made great sense or good hair, but given all of the hormones, very few held it against me or said that I looked trashy, post partum or ridiculous.

(The jury was lenient.)

Four rotations through maternity clothes and so much suction on remarkably modest breasts left me with nipples that could only point South, but I’d always wanted me a pair of Frye boots!

For my birthday last Summer, The Husband shocked me with my very first and only every pair of Frye boots.  That he did so during a recession that still siphons our reserves and blisters our future made them all the more glamorous to me.

As it happened, the boots arrived just before a family celebration of a beloved patriarch’s 80th birthday.  I rocked those boots in a little, red, peasant dress, and never once during the entire party choked on the reality that my husband could lose his job at any moment.

Those Frye boots made me feel tall and proud.  They were boots meant for walking.

I loved them.  As much as I loved them, however, they were a constant struggle to get on and off.  Getting the right boot on was hard, but getting it off involved a process much like the inverse of trying to zip out-grown skinny jeans.  I would have to lie down while The Husband yanked and yanked and yanked.  I was grateful not to have ever sprained an ankle.  By the time we decided they were defective, it was way past the time we thought it was reasonable to return them.

However, my geeky husband had ordered them from Zappos because he learned through research that they were renowned for their Customer Service.

Over a year after he had ordered them, The Husband called Zappos and explained that the boots were difficult to get on and off.  Their only concern was why we had not called sooner.  He explained that we thought that they would loosen up… and we did.  Part of the Frye boot legacy is that they are the most comfortable footwear you can own.

Zappos not only 24 hour shipped me a pair of new boots, but a week later, they sent a HANDMADE card with good wishes and their hopes that I was enjoying them.

zappos card front

zappos card inside

Exceptional Customer Service doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Businesses that lift the bar of Mitzphah (See Mitzphah if you aren’t sure what I mean) lift Hallelujah!

Thank you, Zappos!

I rejoice in unexpected and undeserved acts of human kindness!

Zappos rocks, and gave me boots that not only were meant for walking, but DANCING ahead, ’cause somebody’s got my back.

Let me serve those with whom I intersect today as well as Zappos!

And even though
It all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song in my new Frye boots
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah!

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