Behavior Do/Do Not List for Kids

Posted by jael on Sep 28, 2010 in Education, Parenting

What if instead of pediatricians sending home do/do not lists for parents, they published one for our sweet, little charges instead?

Think of the valuable regroup/first aid time we could save as families if our children complied with the following simple guidelines:


LICK Fudgesickles Flag poles in the winter
VISIT Grand Canyon Every public bathroom on route to Grandma’s house
AVOID Wasps, snakes, soda Baths, bed-time, vegetables
PLAY Musical instruments, Old Maid, Soccer With matches, with guns, alone
SHARE Friendship, toys, crayons Hatred, gum, body fluids
DISCARD Used Kleenex, apple cores, empty juice boxes Remote controls, keys, Papa’s iPhone
CLIMB Jungle gyms, rock walls, ropes Bookshelves, deck rails, back of couches
EAT Fruit, whole-wheat bread crusts, what the rest of the family is having for dinner Styrofoam popcorn, dirt pies, toe jam
GROW Sunflower seeds, pig-tails, family values Up too fast

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